Saturday, 20 January 2018

Sutton Village 1950s

Copied from Sutton and Wawne Museums Facebook page . Photo  taken from Suddaby family's collection . Ive just asked my sister to buy a copy of the new book on Sutton , and she managed to get me one yesterday . If I still lived in the village I would so love to help at this special little museum  with its quirky website 

Friday, 26 February 2016

Johnsons of Brough Church House

Church House Brough East Yorkshire

Michael and Lizzie Johnson  nee Kenningham 

My Aunty Alice Bruce and my Father Harold Gower Bruce spent their childhood holidays in Brough /Brantingham  with Aunty Lizzie and Uncle Michael. Aunty Alice said they were really lovely times, maybe without parents. When Measles was around they were sent to Brough so they would not catch it from other children . Some lovely though poor pictures of Aunty Alice playing as small girl here in about 1910

Gertrude Alice Bruce left. 

Just found this picture , a rare one of Grannie and Grandpa with Daddy and Aunty Alice .So Gertrude Alice Bruce nee Kenningham left seated , Harold Gower Bruce (b.1910) , Alice Susan Bruce b.1905 , Elizabeth (lizzie) Johnson , unknown .
top row. unknown, unknown, Michael Johnson, Benjamin John Elder Bruce 

Saturday, 16 January 2016

For my cousin Miguel in Argentina

Your GGG grandfather I think

The photos says on the back Rev George Elder , Greenwich . The photo was taken in Bath .

Christian Sutherland died 1820

Daughter of Rev John Sutherland  from Kilmallie(?)(died1777), minister of Dornoch Cathedral married 1759 Miss Gordon of Embo.
Sister to Aeneas Sutherland (Portrait Edinburgh Castle )

This naive picture is still in the family, is  of Christian Sutherland Bruce , (in charge of Duchess of Sutherland s Letters etc (?))who married William Bruce (banker) in 1793 . She died in Edinburgh . The death notice is spinned  inside the family Bible that James Jefferies now has, 
It reads Mrs Bruce died this afternoon 1/11 St Johns Hill 14th May 1820

The Paintings, ELDERS of Skye late 1700s to 1850s

These pictures are in the family . Twins, Alexander Mcdonald Elder  married Matilda Ann Welch in India . He died Skye, see gravestone pictures

Alexander McDonald Elder1211 01 to 4 8 57

Georgina Elder died unmarried in Ireland .

Georgina Elder b 12 11 01 twin to AlexanderMcDonald Elder

More information of Skye Family Here
 and of the book inscription to the Fair Maids of IsleOrnsay  Here

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Pictures of Sutherland Family , Lt Aeneas Sutherland

This is the picture that Aunty Eva gave to Edinburgh Castle so that it may be enjoyed by all