Saturday, 22 November 2008

Sutton in Holderness

These (now demolished)houses were to the north of St James Church , Sutton in Holderness. The War Memorial and gardens , and drive to new Vicarage replaced them.


Mary said...

I would like to include some information to the Bruce archive on Alexander Wallace Bruce, one of the sons of William Bruce and Christina Sutherland.

Alexander was born in 1799 and died in 1840 in Edinburgh. He was buried in Old Calton Cemetary, Edinburgh on 29th August 1840. He was a bank clerk at the private banking house of Sir William Forbes in Edinburgh.

Alexander married Henrietta McKain (McKean?)in 1833. Their daughter Henrietta Watson was born in 1834, son William McKain in 1835 and daughter Christina Sutherland in 1839.
Henrietta McKain's father was a militia officer and she had two brothers and three sisters. One of her brothers (Daniel McKain) was the engineer to the Glasgow Water Works, and he seems to have taken care of Henrietta and Alexander's children after Alexander's death as they are living with him in Glasgow in 1851.

William McKain Bruce, their son, is my great great grandfather.

Margaret Mary Rowling said...

Thanks for that !