Monday, 17 June 2013

The house at Stoneferry Hull 1890 ish

Family of Benjamin John Elder Bruce (Waterworks House , lost to bombing in WW2)

who was the Chief waterworks engineer for Kingston upon Hull from approx 1875 until 1890 when family emigrated to USA. Married to (2)Marie Louise Bevan mother of Benjamin, Susan, Cora, Poppy(Marie Louise)Arthur Stanley, died small child, Julia (came back to Sutton ,SS Rialto to Hull,1953), Walter Bevan father of Kathleen Thirkell Bruce, Newell died 1950  ,    Gower, worked in Southern Nigeria for the telephone co.seated 3rd left was the child of Emily Moxon (1) , the first wife. Exception was Benjamin John Elder Bruce Jnr on far right of this picture, standing who was my grandfather. He was apprenticed as an engineer in Hull before going to sea with the WilsonLine. I have his ships papers. He lived 1876 till 1960, and from 1930 to 1960 lived at 11, Church Mount, Sutton on Hull.

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Margaret Mary Rowling said...

He was articled with Amos and Smith.